5 Simple Ways To Balance Your Time Online


I had a rather alarming incident occur last weekend. Enjoying a very wholesome retreat with some dear friends, my heart rate began to increase and I needed to have a lie down. Don't worry it was nothing serious, but it was enough to make me stop in my tracks and check in with myself. 

I began to look at possible causes. I am taking good care of myself at the moment, through yoga and improved diet. Work is busy but thoroughly enjoyable. What had I changed over the few days of my retreat that might help resolve this issue?

And that's where the light bulb moment went off. I had removed my iPhone from my vicinity for the weekend, stealing away only to call the kids and check in at home. Could it be I was experiencing a digital detox?

Whether or not it was the culprit, it made me look at how much time I spend with trusty iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Following some honest reflection, I've decided to make some changes. If you think it's time to 'check-in'  with yourself on your digital addiction, then the following suggestions may just work for you. I'm already reaping the results.

1. Keep your phone out of the bedroom. Leave it downstairs, in the hall, recharging AWAY from your slumber. That screen...in the dark.... not a good friend to our brains.

2. Answer your work emails within business hours. Do not get into the habit of replying in the evening or at weekends. Once you get into that habit, the presumption will be that you are ALWAYS available. And where is the balance in that?

3. Turn off your notifications. If you are trying to focus on one project and your phone is constantly flashing at the corner of your eye, the distraction will heavily decrease your productivity.

4. Leave your phone in your bag. Don't answer your phone or 'check something' while you are with a group , colleague or client. If you are having a meeting and interacting, the updates and emails can wait. Be PRESENT and you'll gain so much more from your attentive interaction.

5. Don't be afraid to look up when you're walking. There's so much to see on a much bigger screen when you take your nose out of your phone.

Have you got any tips to add? I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to share then please leave a comment below.