3 Tips to Managing your Online Business while Abroad

We're travelling overseas this weekend. It's exciting right? While there is much excited anticipation, there's also a LOT of hard preparation, ensuring not only that the right clothes are packed, but that clients are cared for and my business can manage while I take some time off.

As the only employee around, it's up to me to ensure that content is created, tasks are met and targets achieved. So how do I do that when I take a vacation? Well I'll share three things I'm doing for this trip.

1. I have spent this week creating A LOT of content for clients. I have dedicated some solid hours to pure content creation, and I'll tell you it's been really rewarding. Ignoring engagement and notifications,  I have focussed purely on developing posts that I know my clients' audience want to read. Using insights, analytics and some valuable tools, I can go away, rest assured that my clients schedules are totally on track.

2. After a hideous encounter with an enormous overseas phone bill, I always research my destination and how it may effect my current phone and internet plan. This time, I'll keep my phone on Aeroplane Mode and purchase a rechargeable dongle to use while I work. International roaming rates can bankrupt you, so always check your status before you travel.

3. While it's a given that I need to work, I also understand the importance of actually switching OFF. Family time is my core focus, so I'll adopt the routine I use during school holidays. Waking early means I can 'take care of business' before the kids are awake, leaving the rest of the day for exploration, fun and precious interaction.

Have you got any pearls of wisdom you'd like to share? As always I love a chat and am eager to glean some tips from working travellers. Feel free to leave a comment or share this post if you think someone might benefit.