Netiquette - Social Media Top Tips for Business


It's my first day back on terra firma after a week of meetings and social media workshops. It's good to sit at my computer for a few hours straight and kick some goals!

Yesterday one of the questions that came up from our social media business workshop was around best practices or netiquette online. With so many platforms and a lot of confusing information around, I thought I might share my top tips for those starting out online.

I'll preface this by saying go ahead and do your own research, but the following list is a great starting point if you're unsure of where to start.

  1. When creating content for your business page always consider the acronym THINK. Is your post True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind?
  2. Don't use social media to push your product or boast about your business. Provide information and news related to your audience's needs and interests. Always remember the primary function of social media is communication, driving traffic to your website, event or bricks and mortar store.
  3. Be great at customer service. Don't just post and think that's it. Answer queries promptly, engage with customers and offer valuable information that will impress and add value to your business offering.
  4. Don't over post. It makes your business look like it's being run by a robot. 
  5. Always credit your source if you are sharing photos, videos or articles. 
  6. Cross promote your followers articles. Further your engagement and build relationships.
  7. Don't stir the pot, engage with arguments or preach about politics. Stick to your business goals and save the provocation for the park soap box.
  8. If you make a mistake, acknowledge, apologise and move on. ALWAYS research and post content that is well prepared and disaster proof!
  9. If you are experiencing menacing behaviour on social media, block the account holder and report the behaviour to the platform. Take screenshots of anything you feel needs further action.
  10. Once you make a connection online, take it offline. Tie in your social media strategy with your other marketing efforts. Build your email list and turn your lead into a customer! 

Have you got any to add? If you have examples of best practice methods to share I'd love to hear. As always, I'm here to connect, so leave a comment and let's chat.