Digital Dandy offers creative digital marketing services to local Tasmanian businesses.

We're with you. Digital Marketing can be a complicated cacophony. Understanding the right route for your business can be overwhelming, that's why we like to keep things simple. We'll teach you about the latest trends in online marketing, the best methods to promote your business online and how to do that in a true and genuine way.

For beginners overwhelmed by too many choices, as well as professionals eager to improve their skills, we want to help you set your anchor and ensure your customers want to come back to YOU for more, again and again...and again.

Social media marketing and digital coaching, Hobart Tasmania

We develop strategies, build your digital confidence and help you create and manage your social media campaigns. We coach, heck - we can totally take over your social media marketing if you like! We work with small to medium business owners, creative entrepreneurs, not for profit organisations and the arts. We also welcome corporate clients who value small business. 

We collaborate with a carefully selected group of brand communicators, strategic change consultants, web developers, copywriters, graphic designers and photographers, to provide practical and valuable solutions, designed to support your business in achieving great things.

We believe in storytelling, keeping it real, creating style and sharing the value of digital marketing. 

Our business values centre around community, creativity and confidence in digital storytelling.

If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.
We have the senses for it;
we have the curiosity for it;
we have the opposable thumbs for it;
we have the rhythm for it;
we have the language and the excitement
and the innate connection to divinity for it.
— Elizabeth Gilbert