Digital Marketing Development

For beginners overwhelmed with where to start, or go-getters eager to improve their skills, Digital Dandy offers you the chance to strengthen your business profile online.

We create, develop, and manage digital marketing campaigns for local businesses. Need inspiration? We’ll work with you on your digital marketing plan, show you how to craft your story so that it can be shared with confidence online.


Marketing Plan

With any goal, we all need a strong plan to achieve it.

We help you design your strategy using current models and trends to ensure you achieve your business potential.

Specialising in digital marketing and using our 20 year creative marketing experience, we want to empower you to develop a plan that will engage, excite and genuinely connect with your customers.


Marketing Implementation

You've made your plan, now it's time to implement it. 

Whether it's producing your e-newsletters, developing your content calendar or managing your social channels we can help you action your marketing plan.

Got a campaign you need help with? We have worked in the Arts, Hospitality, Finance, NGO and Tourism sectors in Tasmania and specialise in content creation. 


Digital Branding


'A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir' - Lisa Gansky

Your brand and your product or service are of equal importance. You are buying an experience not JUST a 'thing'. Remember this as you market your business online.

Consistency is key to your marketing plan. Your logo, typeface, imagery and content must have clear direction. Ensure your brand appearance is crystal clear.